Celebrating British Science Week


In celebration of British Science Week, pupils have got stuck into loads of fun activities and demos this week, courtesy of our Science department! Here’s a roundup of these activities….

  • Microscopes – guess what’s under the microscope
  • Remote controlled toys – hex bugs/flying UFO – an explanation of how infrared works and how this can be used to determine Earth temperatures
  • Magnetic track – used to explain Earth’s magnetic field
  • Density tower – used to think about how different density is relevant to the real world: oil spills, ships and submarines
  • Rainbow fizz – a demonstration of how we use neutralisation in the real world
  • Energy sticks – an explanation of how electricity works and how it’s used in our homes
  • Launching rockets – looking at forces and pressure
Pupils were also asked to create a Tweet about their favourite scientific invention or discovery in a ‘best thing since sliced bread’ competition, with prizes awarded for the most unusual, thoughtful, detailed and creative entries!​

….All in the name of Science!

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