Attendance & Absence

Attendance and Absence

At Horbury Academy, we believe that every day counts in pupils’ education. Regular attendance is essential for young people to achieve their maximum potential.  Across the Trust, the target for attendance for all students is at least 96%, this will be promoted with students through assemblies and form periods. Pupils should attend the academy each day and on time in order to ensure that they have a regular routine to support their learning. This focus also prepares pupils for the world of work, where attendance and punctuality are crucial.

We want all pupils to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Horbury Academy. Evidence shows that there is a link between poor attendance and underachievement. We want all pupils to fulfil their individual potential and in order for this to happen, we need parent/carer co-operation and support in ensuring that we have full attendance and excellent levels of punctuality.  Our Attendance Policy should be read in conjunction with the Behaviour Policy and our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

Attendance Policy

Absence Procedure

Please contact us as early as possible on the first day of your child’s absence from school, and again on any subsequent days.  In order to safeguard your child, we need parental confirmation for every day of absence.

To report an absence

Call: 01924 282740 and then press ‘1’ for attendance alternatively please email

Our Attendance Coordinator and Education Welfare Officer undertake regular visits to the homes of absent students in order to offer support and to confirm that absences are genuine. Please contact our Attendance Coordinator on 01924 282740 if you require any support with your child’s attendance.


We understand that children get ill but there are many minor illnesses which do not require an absence from school.  These include colds and issues which can be managed with painkillers such as stomach aches, sore throats, headaches and period pains.  Students are not required to stay off for 48 hours following an episode of vomiting where it is not due to infection.


We ask that where possible, appointments are arranged outside of school hours but understand that this is not always possible.  We will allow students to leave school to attend their appointment but ask that they return to school afterwards.  We ask that we are notified in advance of any upcoming appointments, this can be done by telephoning our attendance team on 01924 282740 then press ‘1’ for attendance.  We also ask that a note be provided from home or an appointment letter/card to confirm the appointment.

Truancy Reporting

Horbury Academy uses an automated absence notification system which uses text messaging and MCAS messaging to advise parents/carers if pupils are absent from the academy without notice – this message is sent out during the course of the morning. This ‘First Day Response’ is done for any pupil expected to be in the academy but has not been marked as present.

This messaging system is NOT an alternative to parents advising the academy that their child will be absent. All parents/carers are still required to inform the academy of pupil absences on the first day by ringing the absence line.


Parents should ensure that they do not take their children out of school on holiday during term time. If this is unavoidable then a request in writing or via email to the Education Welfare Officer is required in advance – please see our ‘Holidays in Term Time’ page for full information.


  • Regular school attendance is an important part of giving students the best possible start in life.
  • The aim should be to attend 100% of the time.
  • Students who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work.
  • Attending school is directly linked to improved exam performance which could in turn lead to further learning opportunities and better job prospects.

Attendance Action Alliance

Members of the Attendance Action Alliance have worked with the Department for Education to develop a short school attendance guide, which helps parents understand how they can work with their school and local authority to support their children to attend school and get the right support. It can also be found on both the Office of the Children’s Commissioner page for parents and page for schools
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The Accord Multi Academy Trust is an educational charity established in September 2016 that is currently made up of four academies who were the founding members of the Trust. In September 2016 Horbury Academy and Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College came together, moving away from their stand-alone Trust status and were joined in December 2016 by Horbury Primary Academy and Middlestown Primary Academy.

The overarching vision for the Trust is to work in one ‘Accord – celebrating the differences of each academy through strong collaboration in order to inspire all members of our learning community to be the best that they can be.

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