We currently have three preferred suppliers at the academy:

The Box

The Box is a family-run business, established in 2006, located in the Seemore Shopping Parade in Ossett town centre, around the corner from the Post Office.

It stocks school uniform, school shoes and school accessories, provides a full fitting and trying on service and offers quality and value for money.

The Box is open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 5pm (with extended hours over Summer months) and offers an order and collect service.

Contact The Box on 01924 263030 or through Facebook @The Box Ossett.

Seemore Shopping Parade, 13 Towngate, Ossett WF5 9BL (Tel: 01924 263030)



Rawcliffes is a family-run business, established in 1910, located in Dewsbury town centre.

It stocks school uniform, school shoes and school accessories and offers quality and value for money.
Rawcliffes is also available online at https://smartschoolwearcentre.co.uk/Dewsbury/ with an order and collect, as well as a delivery service. Their payment methods are cash, card, apple pay.

Rawcliffes is open 9am to 5pm on Monday, Wednesday,  Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Throughout Summer months they are also open on a Tuesday.

18a Crackenedge Ln, Dewsbury WF13 1PU  (Tel: 01924 465510)



Trutex are also offering a click and collect service and taking telephone orders.  Payment will be taken over telephone so that parents can avoid entering the shop if necessary. They’re also offering appointments outside their normal operating hours of 9-5, between 8.30-9 or 5-6.30pm.

79 Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3BX (Tel: 01924 299820)

Uniform Information


Uniform Policy 2021-2022

Horbury Academy believes that students should be smartly dressed. We expect all our students will attend wearing clean Academy uniform. We believe that a uniform gives students a pride in their appearance and a sense of belonging to the Academy. Horbury Academy is a place of learning and it is important that students recognise the need for appropriate business dress.

The basic principles are:

· Blazers with the Academy logo are compulsory wear within the Academy. No other jumpers/ hooded tops/sweatshirts can be worn on the Academy site nor can such items be worn instead of a coat. In warm weather conditions, blazers will be permitted to be removed at the Principal’s discretion.

· All skirts must be Horbury Academy official uniform, which have our castle logo. No other skirts may be worn. Skirts must be plain black A-line, of modest length, no more than 5cm above the knee and not rolled over at the top or tied at the back.

· Trousers must be black, full length with no pattern and should conform to traditional style uniform and not be “fashion items”. Trousers in the style of jeans, leggings, chino, jeggings or cropped, flared or skinny legs are not acceptable. Denim, stretch or cord material trousers are also not acceptable.

· In inclement or cold weather, a dark-coloured outdoor coat may be worn to come to the Academy but not inside the building. No scarves or gloves should be worn in the building.

· Top buttons of shirts should be fastened at all times and all shirts must be tucked in to their skirts or trousers.

· Ties need to be clearly worn correctly; fastened to the shirt at the collar.

· No baseball caps are allowed anywhere on the Academy site and no other hats should be worn inside. (Students with a medical condition may wear a plain black baseball cap by arrangement only).

· Students are not allowed to wear denim items such as jackets, denim trousers/jeans or skirts anywhere on our site.

· Black low heeled sensible school shoes should be worn. Black trainers and fashion boots such as Uggs/Timberland/Vans/Converse are unacceptable. For safety reasons open-toed shoes, very small or stiletto-type heels, platform soles or backless shoes are not allowed. Trainers may only be worn if a doctor’s note has been provided, these should be black. A note from home will not be accepted.

· Discrete make-up is allowed. Students will be asked to remove make-up deemed to be inappropriate or excessive. This includes nail varnish and false nails. Nails must also be kept at a short length. Banned make-up includes false or extended eyelashes, sculpted or highly defined eyebrows, lipstick and contouring.

· Jewellery is not allowed. The only exception is one watch that is not a smart watch. Body, mouth and facial piercings are not allowed. For health and safety reasons students will not be allowed to wear any other jewellery items. Parents are advised that any valuable items worn are at the owner’s risk and that the Academy takes no responsibility for the loss of any valuable items.

· Extreme hairstyles or colouring are not allowed and will be measured by what is appropriate in an Academy environment. (This includes shaved patterns, excessively short hair, or hair dyed in un-natural colours e.g. bright red / blue / green. If in doubt please ask prior to a change of hairstyle).

Uniform checks take place every morning as students arrive at the Academy. Any student wearing items that do not conform to policy are asked to change into the Academy’s skirts/trousers. Students in non-regulation shoes/trainers are issued black shoes to wear instead. Students will be instructed to have their shirts tucked in and must not have their blazer sleeves rolled or pushed up.

Please note: Horbury Academy will reserve the right to ask a child to go home and change his/her uniform if it does not fulfil the criteria in this policy (subject to parental permission). In addition failure to adhere to our uniform expectations can result in students being withdrawn from lessons until the issue is resolved.


Uniform for Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

· Black uniform blazer with Horbury Academy logo.

· Plain white fitted blouse/shirt either long or short sleeved with a collar, which must be worn with an Academy tie (clip-on).

· Black trousers or uniform skirt with Horbury Academy logo.

· Black or white socks or thick tights.

· A black hijab may be worn.

· Black V-necked jumper with Horbury Academy logo. (Logo jumpers may only be worn in addition to blazers, not instead of).

· Black low heeled sensible and sturdy school shoes (not trainers or boots).

· Academy Tie (clip on) with House colours:

Blue = Europe House

Red = Asia House

Yellow = America House

Green = Africa House.

Uniform for Students in Year 11

As above, with the following difference:

· Year 11 Academy Tie (clip on).


Student PE Kit and Sportswear

  • The following is compulsory for all students in Years 7 – 11:· Maroon/cyclone blue sports polo shirt with academy logo.· Navy shorts/skirt or plain black or navy sports leggings.· Maroon knee socks, or plain navy/black short sports socks with leggings/tracksuit bottoms.· Trainers that are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.· Sport specific footwear such as rugby boots, astro shoes, running spikes (optional).


    · Base layer skin in navy or black.

    · Traditional style cuffed tracksuit bottoms or performance fit slim athletic training pants in plain navy or black.

    · Horbury Academy maroon/cyclone blue hooded top with logo.

    · A towel for alternative weather.

    Optional items recommended for football/rugby/hockey:

    · Shin pads.

    · Gum shield.

    All students must adhere to the academy rules as below:

    · If a student is unable to take part practically in PE due to a medical reason, written confirmation from a parent/carer is required to support this. Students will be given an alternative learning task such as officiating or analysing team performance. They will still be required to get changed into their full PE kit.

    · The practical work in Dance/Gymnastic lessons is done in bare feet, unless there is a medical reason which requires the student to work in trainers. Written confirmation from a parent/carer is required to support this.

    · All kit must be clearly labelled with a student’s full name.

    · Should a student forget their PE kit, they will be expected to change into a PE kit provided by the academy for the purpose of that lesson.

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The Accord Multi Academy Trust is an educational charity established in September 2016 that is currently made up of four academies who were the founding members of the Trust. In September 2016 Horbury Academy and Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College came together, moving away from their stand-alone Trust status and were joined in December 2016 by Horbury Primary Academy and Middlestown Primary Academy.

The overarching vision for the Trust is to work in one ‘Accord – celebrating the differences of each academy through strong collaboration in order to inspire all members of our learning community to be the best that they can be.

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